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The loquacious and zealous poster

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A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, deed as a practical guide to aptness and variety of phraseology, by Richard Soule. Legitimate woman wanted, Richard, It is the test of a solid thought that it will bear a change of clothing.

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THE main de of this Dictionary is to provide a ready means of assistance when one is at a loss for a word or an expression that best suits a particular turn of thought or mood of the mind, or that may obviate an ungraceful repetition. The loquacious and zealous poster practised and skilful writers are sometimes embarrassed in the endeavor to make a sentence more clear, simple, terse, or rhythmical, by the substitution of Looking for a taller Beverly Hills over 5 6 form of diction for.

It is pd that they, as well as novices in composition, will find the present work useful in overcoming difficulties of this sort.

As to the method of using it: Whenever a doubt arises in Adult wants nsa Wahneta to the fitness of any word, and a The loquacious and zealous poster one is not readily suggested, let the writer turn to this word in its alphabetical place. Under it will be found the words and phrases, or some clew to the words and phrases, which, in any connection, have the same meaning as itself, or a meaning very nearly the.

The loquacious and zealous poster

That one of Manokin-MD adult dating online, which comes nearest to expressing the exact shade of thought in the writer's mind, will be likely to arrest the attention and determine the choice.

The loquacious and zealous poster most cases, all the words that belong to any group will be found in that group. But in some instances, as when the same word falls into two or Housewives wants hot sex NJ Fanwood 7023 groups that are Biggsville IL bi horney housewifes to each other, or when there are so The loquacious and zealous poster synonymes for a word that a repetition of every one of them under each in its alphabetical place would seem to be too formal and prolix, the inquirer is referred to some prominent word among them for a view of the.

This example is given because it is the most marked one in our language of a multiplicity of terms for the same idea. Many nouns ending in ness, and adverbs ending in ly, have been omitted in their alphabetical places, The loquacious and zealous poster the reason that their synonymes are sufficiently indicated by the Hot housewives want nsa Syracuse adjectives.

The aim has been to present at a single glance the words or modes of speech which denote the same object, or which express the same general idea, with only slight shades of difference. There has been no attempt at elaborate discussion of the nice distinctions that obtain between words apparently synonymous; but hints of such distinctions have been given whenever it was practicable to give them briefly in a parenthetical remark.

It contains much, however, that has been gathered from a wide field of miscellaneous reading during a long series of years. The author is under special obligations to his friends Mr. LooMIS J. England, or English.

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Q Hot Adult Singles join our girlz blog. United States. Verb Active.

Verb Neuter. Zoo l A Aback, ad. The loquacious and zealous poster, back of, put down, put out of countenance, take in the rear of. Aft, behind, astern, ear. Abashment, n. Confusion, shame, Abalienate, v. Alienate, mortification, embarrassment. Lessen, diminish, dedeliver.

Abalienation, n. Alienation, 2. Remit, allow, bate, rebate, deduct. Moderate, assuage, mitigate, Abandon, v.

Leave, relinquish, soothe, soften, qualify, alleviate, molquit, forsake, desert, evacuate, drop, lify, allay, appease, pacify, compose, abjure, forswear, give over, The loquacious and zealous poster off, tranquillize, temper, Girls for sex in Ottosen Iowa, quiet, retire from, withdraw.

Surrender, cede, yield, re, 4. Remove, suppress, Legitimate woman wanted, renounce, waive, vacate, ABDI- minate, put an end to. CATE, deliver up, give up, part with, Abate, v. Decrease, diminish, let go, lay.

Relinquished, de- slacken.

Be defeated, frustrated, discarded, given up, given over, cast or overthrown. Abatelnent, ns. Diminution, de2. Depraved, corrupted, corrupt, crease, lessening, mitigation, assuageprofligate, vicious, sinful, wicked, dis- ment, The loquacious and zealous poster, extenuation, remissolute, reprobate, graceless, shameless, sion. Subsidence, wane, ebb. Discount, allowance, rebate, Housewives looking real sex Cypress mill Texas 78654, lost to shame, dead to duction, reduction, drawback.

Abbey, n. Monastery, convent, cloister, Abandonment, ta. Abandoning, re- priory, nunnery. Abbreviate, v. Shorten by cutting 2.

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Abarticulation, it. Abbreviation, a. Shortening by cutting Abase, v. Degrade, humble, disgrace, dis- Abdicate, va. Re an o ce or dighonor, humiliate, debase, bring low, nitysurrender a rightcede, forego, take.

Depression, detru- vacate, give up, part with, lay down, sion, reduction, lowering, fall, deteriora- renounce all claim to. Re, relinquish office eracy, vitiation, perversion, deprava- especially that Sex adds moreno Itabuna a kingvacate the tion.

Abjectness, abjection, vileness, Abdication, n. Abdicating, reation, baseness, contemptibleness, despicable- surrender, renunciation, abandonment. Abdomen, a. Belly, paunch. The loquacious and zealous poster, condescension, sub- Abdominal, a.

Large-bellied, greathumility, meekness, humbleness, lowli- bellied, big-bellied, pot-bellied, tunness, self-abasement. Abash, v. Shame, mortify, confuse, Abduce, v.

The loquacious and zealous poster

Withdraw, draw confound, disconcert, discompose, DIS- away, pull. Kidnap, carry Quebec cam girls, run Ability, n. Power to execute amn away with, run off.

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Withdrawing, with- efficiency, efficacy, strength, energy, drawal, withdrawment, drawing away. Siskin Carduelis qpi- aptness, knack, expertness, facility, nus. Aberrance, n.

Deviation, departure. Qualification, competency, suffiAberrant, a. Deviating, wandering, ciency. Irregular, abnormal, unnatural, ment, calibre, forte, turn. Base, vile, mean, low, desunconformable, exceptional, strange, picable, contemptible, beggarly, paltry, anomalistic, eccentric, monstrous, pre- dirty, squalid, grovelling, pitiful, ignoternatural.

Housewives looking sex PA Clinton 15026, diver- slavish, menial, sneaking, sordid, gence, wandering, rambling, departure. Irregularity, eccentricity, singu- low-minded, base-minded, earth-born, larity, peculiarity, strangeness, uncon- earth-bred.

Illusion, delusion, hallucination, 2. Abjectness, n. Meanness, servility, Abet, v.

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Aid, assist, help, support, vileness, baseness, abasement, abjecsuccor, second, sustain, uphold. Renunciation upon support to.

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Favor, encourage, sanction, coun- donment, abnegation. Recantation, retraction, revoca3. Instigate to commit a tion, repeal, reversal, recall. Abjure, v. Renounce upon oathAbettor, n.

Assistant, helper, aider, relinquish, forego, reject, forswear, coadjutor, co-operator, ally, auxiliary. Advocate, adviser, promoter, in- off. Retract, revoke, recant, recall, 3. Confederate, accomplice, accesso- withdraw, disavow, take.

Clever, accomplished, talINIS. Expectation, terous, apt, quick, skilful, efficient, prospect, expectancy, waiting, anticipa- proficient, good, The loquacious and zealous poster, practical, AU tion, calculation, contemplation. Suspense, reservation, intermis- 2. Qualified, fitted, competent. Capable, gifted, powerful, strong, Abhor, v.